Pluie d’étoiles

Light speed beyond all. Striving for truth, but the question remains..

“How long until a specie, come save us all, from the tyranny of evil men”

Reigning on top of their gold mountains, or should I say stupid numbers displaying on screens..

And if a spaceship ever lands on earth, be certain, that is an accident.

Could it also be that you were an actor, filmed by everysingle camera in the world for the sake of their entertainment.

Worldwide Truman Show broadcasted throughout the Universe.

The Giant Play would it be, for is anything real.

The man will bring us all, torch in hand, towards the unknown.

Wearing helmet, looking upon vast infinities. Portals within reach could break space/time.

It’ll be a dark journey to travel faster than light.

Or is it just rain ?



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