Oiseaux verticaux

Birds will fly, upside down,

dragonflies will die,

waves on their way,

to destroy what it may,

burning grass, spying on us, where are you now…

Mad, mad, shark, shark, desperate mind run wild, they be turning around, and around, and around.

Lost to ourselves, what can we do,

dear god, so much time, so many years,

that an indispensable tv in every living room, spits shit all day until night, kids watch it for good reasons, but too much is too much, olders don’t.

A specie that used to feed their brain with paper now wipes its ass with it.

Screens filled with pics and hearts,

Disconnected, reconnected, something greater, as always we didn’t read the so known instructions paper.

Our vulnerabilities exploited, so, fucking, well.



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