Until it comes, until we die.

Hands in the sky, above the clouds, remaining invisible, for who has power never gives it away. CCTV easy peasy.

Everything’s under control, Our control. We dictate every movement, soon every thought.

TrustTV, nothing else, freedom of speech and opinion was just a joke, TrustUs.

Judge, Jury, Executioner. TrustUs.

Clenched fingers, UglyDirtyHand strings you away in directions you didn’t thought possible. Angry Satotz.

Street corners, roll a dice, 3,4,5, it’s a camera. Can they ever stop a crime, Unaware, too deeply involved in their screens, how many where close to hitting me.

One time he was angry, poor AyePhone dropped on the ground.

Surveillance Investigation CCTV.

SpiderMen, see everything, know everything. Bloodthirsty sucking their prey’..s brain.

“and ignore all random thoughts that feel… spidery”




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