It’s a funny game, to picture people as monkeys, even yourself, it seems ridiculous and, this is how far we’ve dissociated from animals.

It’s ridiculous because of our unlimited abilities, and yet we still yell at each other, and yet a lot of people see themselves as inferior, because of some other people who have been better conditioned.

Take time at night, get in your bathroom, reflect on yourself, and act upon the righteous desires.

FEARS, they paralyze us, how funny how TrustUs is neutral on that, yet frail and isolated people are afraid of a small disease… terrified, they’d sometimes rather starve and suffocate than see somebody.

Nonagenarians who beat this shit aren’t scared.

The fear of the Reaper is everywhere, take a walk, shirtless in winter, and watch people shivering at your sight.

“He’s gonna be sick”

People spend years in school, and most have no idea what they’ll do out of their life.. nor how to take care of themselves. What is the point of school ?

Perhaps it’s the parent’s role, welp, they too are uneducated about healthy habits.

And those who don’t care about that surely love being sick.

We all love being sick.

How arrongant thinking you can outlaw natural ones.

Those imposed by nothing else than Nature and the Universe itself.

Perhaps, being the most intelligent specie on Earth turned Homo Sapiens (us) into pricks, giant dickheads.

Get lost in the sea, I’ll watch you, on the shore, walking on water.


garçon interstellaire

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