maintenant il ne reste plus rien à dépenser.

la mort était un paradis, puisqu’elle venait d’elle.

c’était un démon qui avec des dents de feu lui broyait le coeur.


There is a man, with Mr. Burns’ attitude, a long nose as of a goblin shark, crossed fingers as a spider doing its job, hunchbacked as of the Beast.

Except, it has no evil smile, no mouth, no face. Is it a man ?

The Maze takes place, one by one, walls arise.

Smoke screen and diversion,





Is it a cat or an owl.

TrustUs bought a toy, a giant robot, which takes time to assemble, and if you ever sneak in the workshop, terrified with big eyes, you stare at a colossal monster.

It knows where you are and where you go, before you go.

Some saw a laser on its head, that would turn people in tiny dogs, sorcery ! Perhaps its gas, making you cry, nobody really knows.


there are wings.. on it’s back…

Could a colossus fly….


garçon interstellaire

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