The last drop.

K needs a telescope,

For it’s hard sometimes,

To observe away.

What is it except the present,

That you truly have,

Truly own.

“La foudre arrive,

sortez les paratonnerres”

Who really owns you..

Back to earth,

Denied, forgotten,

Like all these prisoners.

Head down, bent back,

That screen became a need,

A drug.

What does it bring you ?


We built pyramids,

All we build now are brainless’,

Aggressive, instinctive, unconscious.

You’re not even aware of your own habits.

Welcome to my mind.

Day 4 freedom.

I hope you’re not an alcoholic melancholic,

For if you drink in public,

Extra money you’ll give.

Tant mieux si ces mots ont un sens pour toi.

Men in shadows work everyday,

At a pace you barely follow.

Stop resting.

I’ll sleep before I’m dead,

But I’ll rest only after.

Je ne crée rien pourtant j’accumule.

Fulguropoing dans ta gueule.


garçon interstellaire

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