Ran on an unknown source of energy.

Near the heart, near the lungs.

Souffle sur tes braises.

Shape unfinished.

“It’s late isn’t it?”

Flower held hostage by a knife.

Starts to rain again.

The bird flies with massive wings,

Too bad he’s not real.

Big smile, deep lonelineless.

My boy,

I want to Kiss you And sleep with you.

From Human To God.

Luck glows in the dark.

Anglerfish on my back,

Tiny boy walks confident,

Smiling to anyone,

Unaware he wears his own burden.


How convenient to breathe with Smile Erasers.

He’s staring from a distance,

Always on your side.

Qui est lucide ?

Long time bareback.

Tel des moutons nous nous plaignons,

Pour un vaccin assassin,

Réclamé des abreuvés..

D’autorités non vérifiées.

Nothing stops a mind,

Like no bullet stops an idea.

libre à toi d’être invincible et d’manier toutes les armes


Lost in a forest,

Full of traps,

Submerged in fear,

Yet the boy follows,

and dies.. again,

and again, and again.


garçon interstellaire

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