No can do.

“Les noms, dis tu ?”

Behind it all, a spider hidden,

The chick and his two faces,

Deep deep they go away,

A skull divided,

If it’s water they swim,

One’s vanilla, the other is,

If you can’t swim you’ll drown,

Quite more dangerous,

Even a bird that flies,

Vanilla’s focused, he, watches around,

If in water, must know how to swim,

Please synchronize, just look normal,

Or else need to never fall, is it avoidable ?

Can we fake sanity ?

“Tes capacités de réflexions sont désastreuses ; Car tout humain qui souhaite peut apprendre.”

The beast above the fence,

Resistance, suicide mission, to amputate the hidden spider.

“And don’t forget to bring the submarine”

Sometimes I feel lost and locked up in the jail cell in my mind.

Evil stairs haha… but they exist.

./boot ; rm truth ; mkdir illusions

The balloon,

“Non et puis après tout, c’est comme une grenadine, on y ajoute une substance qui transforme le tout..”

One thought, One destiny.

The river’s all wet,

you’re all chrome

“All I fear is the day it all turns to numbers.”

You’ve always been free.

AB AB that is the key.

Il n’a plus de cœur, il prend le tien

Mon tour du monde est déjà fini.

“You must die to know if you’re really alive”


garçon interstellaire

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