Juggernauts are ready,


Oxygen fridge, heavy pipe.

Why an AK, 47.

Missiles dropped,

Disfigured buildings.

Unbreathable, can you survive.

Gold necklace.

Signals fluctuating,

Heartbeat disoriented.

Birds knew, not just eagles,

Seeing miles away.


Internet to entertain,

Education in the drawers,

Too tired to tidy up.


Harpoon…shot in the flight,

Pens ain’t fast enough.

MaliciousMen, twisting fingers.

Tu brûlais de savoir

Mountains unreached.

Eagles ready,

Pigeons die in thousands.

Duck in the lake,

For is freedom can be obtain this way.

It’s not a word,

It’s not a name,

It’s a fox.

Tails held inside.

Oh you Goddess, what does it mean when an animal covers its * with its rigid tail ?

Hit me hurt yourself.

Nobody’s behind it. We’re just plain humans.

These seaguls bringing babies without indulgence.

Stop complaining,

We’re all humans,

One Race,

Either you move,

Either you shut your mouth.

Plain negative philosophy brings no mo’ than misery.


garçon interstellaire

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