C’est aujourd’hui.

Tout ça n’était qu’un rêve.

Read those papers,

1 year, 2 years, 3 years.

Time passes faster than sand in your hands..

Yes that cat is still alive,

Yes those birds are still watching.

Ravagé par les flammes

Jamais plus

De sentiments

U. W. G. F.

Death is near, but death is far

Meticulously waste your time

Did the shark mutate ?

zeus may thunder,

My Will is stronger.

In the night we divide,

In plain day we spread.

Just look around,

The beauty of a stupid specie

For only if we couldn’t, but we do..

Pay the bills, Rent you chains.

Sad World.

Those pills help me,

For a clear vision,

For a clear mind.

Take me out of this place

The calendar is changing

“One day everything will be okay”

Forget the Limits

Scratch the surface..

Wonderland is a lie,

The tunnel was never built,

You need to dig,

To only fall would be so simple.


You should have realized by now

You gonna be the one

Striking all over the world



garçon interstellaire

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