Brave New Day

Rocket ready,

Launch begins in…


The Earth is shaking,

Always monitoring,

Door opens,

Dark fades,

Light comes,

Brave New Day,

Complaints already,

Wasting time,

For you wait for your pen.


The Monster Is Always There Somewhere..

Sharks would be trading teeth,

Never that chair will serve more.

Life’s how it is


Ignorance of the mechanics,

Unknown pains.

This look,

Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn.


Would they still want me to kill him..

Who knows how he knows,

Should I work in advance,

Stepping in the future.

How many days, have passed,

In one picture, everything’s told.

Daydream NightWork


It’s doomed to failure !

Perhaps this time

And the next


But you keep trying

I’m awake when you’re not awake,

Yet I’m awake when you’re awake,


La nuit du 27mars


Catapulté dans un monde violent


garçon interstellaire

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