À l’horizon te voient,

Ces ombres qui n’existent pas.

Un jour t’attaqueront,

Ces ornithorynques à poils longs.

Aux griffes devastatrices,

Foutez-moi donc la paix.

“And how do we charge them ?

-With this”, he showed him cables from his backpack.

Is your Lucky Star capable to manifest in concrete ways ?

How can you expect a free truth ¡n such a world ?


Will I summon the devil at 666 or 999,

You become a demon reading 666 in 999.


You’re not even an ant against their weapons.

Rasta and Old Nick once,

Forever gone hopefully.

Perhaps it’s just a keilou

Truly open your eyes,

And stop yawning,

Too much things to do in just one life,

For if there’s only one.

Choosing not to choose really is that impossible ?

Such a world..

Now is all that matters.


garçon interstellaire

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