Flowers blooming,

This time it’s a professional,

Rides faster,

The OpenBook tells the truth.

But can you read it

Spaceships following each other,

It’s not that there are no laws in the Universe, it’s that they give you such freedom.

If freedom is what freedom is..

Pair of wings for this fallen angel,

Upside down, is it thunder striking,

Maybe he’s showing us the way.

“Get back there before they see you !”, he whispered angrily

Oh, you wanna know

One’ s and Zero’s.

Letters are easier.

10111.01111.10101.01100.00100.11001.01111.10101.10000.10010.00101.00110.00101.10010.10100.01000.01001.10011.10111.00001.11001 ?


Time still passes,

It’s funny how outside of it it spends ten times faster.


Les lyrics font mal, mais c’est un mal nécessaire. Qui s’en sort sans musique ?

LuTTe MorTelle

Will needs to be stronger,




garçon interstellaire

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