The waves never stop.

Reptile once, God to be.

Doggy walks with a carrot,

Ressembles a scorpio’s tail.

For Light and Heat can be produced,

With just a thumb,

Always carry one.

Mine has burnt,

But spirits aren’t physical,

Flames don’t affect them.

Riven’s Blade used to kill them all,

That massacre will take place again.

Non-believers you can open your mouth,

For bullshit, or now astonishment.

Because some books have more power than any other, more power than anything ever.



Deep in the hole we find a why.

Polar charges reunited.

Who’s this aiming at them ?

Blurry Monsters,

That dog is now a monster,

With a horn and massive jaw.

This dog is not a dog.

Thiefs on the ground,

Stealin for what ?..

Where are the birds

Did I scare them ?

Walking to Hell, close to the gap.

For now is the great playground,

Ya left the shallow pool,

Yet never learned to swim,

Cursed by a fruit,

I learned to fly,

Just above the water,

Don’t get wet, for you’d drown another time..

My mental is waterproof.

My mind is bulletproof.

Maple Leaf

“Listen, here’s my wallet, can you let me leave ? The Joker expressed a skeptic face : – You really have trust in this ? – People do”

The Monster’s truly a PolyMorph, smiling to the cheeks, it’s the Joker.

I just summoned a thought.

“That’s really a great power.”


garçon interstellaire

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