That boy ain’t closed his skull,

The angel always keeps an eye on him,

How many times, prone to disaster.

These ugly zombies, stealing his soul.

His brain remains a mystery.

Too busy watching birds in the sky.

Scorpios under your feet,

Such an unconscious.

Does he ever rest, isn’t he tired of watching him..

He fell to the ground

Rams pushing, did I force these doors ?

I have the keys in my hand, now all I have to find is the lock

The world’s aflame, won’t stop it.

For freedom they fight.

One for All or All for One

Faster than light speed.


I don’t think everybody’s ready for it.

These books changed destiny,

How funny to learn digusting them..


Solve logical.

Take the test.

Sad to picture him with wings,

perhaps he never lost them.

You can’t download at night.

Say goodbye to all that poison

“And…how many batteries do we have ? – A dozen I guess. – You’re an asshole you know that, right ?”

The strength of ten

The strength of a hundred

The strength of a thousand

“Whistle, whistle, Time will come.


Pack and go east

Pack & Go



garçon interstellaire

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