They’re back,

A sparrow and an ostrich.

Number 1

Jellyfish upgrading.

A Bohemian Waxwing still here,

One big robot with machine guns.

It’s dead upside down.

Spirit leaving the corpse.

Upward to some believed sky.


Why ?!

Kirby’s terrified, shouldn’t be of monsters,

Is it the future then ?

The ostrich, a mascarade.

For if you didn’t look around,

Half the truth would be held.

It’s, double-faced.

Same direction,

One’s afraid,

One has a crown.

This dead sparrow died hanged by the neck.

The Jellyfish is linked to an anchor.

Heavy Stone.

Has a stranger ever changed your life ?

Pigeons seeing or watching,

Pigeons hearing or listening.

Whistle for their name.

Rien n’excuse le crime . ? . . ! . . ?!

Moth on the walls.

I’m not uptodate.

To be uptodate,

Upgrade in the night,

But sleep required.

Thus not up to date..

For if life had 48hours… …


garçon interstellaire

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