Today’s today.

The time has come

Page tearing itself,

No time to read the symbols.

J’ai récité les noms de flammes, ce que tu n’as jamais compris..

Opening something greater than your mind.

The Wheel,

Can not be stopped,

only braked,

Can not be breaked,

only damaged.

28birds ain’t a little,

Woodpeckers, skullpeckers,

Running away hands on your head, leave leave.

14spirits of Infinity,

Renew your Youth, as young as you can, for puer aeternus be not a pathology, a pure miracle.

Falcon watches.

Wormhole might have opened.

“She opened her eyes and immediately looked at the clock.”

Bad timing.

Fear of disease, you make the disease.

Bleach the plate, then eat poison.

That’s sad.

Et quand je souffle la plaie se referme.

missile sol-air-e

I’m not wasting time, nothing’s impossible.

For the barriers are in your mind.

100% of your problems comes from yourself.

The falcon’s a rat,

Flowers of Insanity mostly bloom in heaven,

The Devil’s Entreprise.

Beware ;

Wheel is razorblade.

To trade sleep or social life..

C’est dans l’absolu que je m’en irai.

444 will be perfect.

Tempest is coming, it really is. -66°C


“We’ll lose everyone, but I’ll keep going”

Beauty in the words, pure meaninglessness..

“Where are we going ? – Shut up !!”

Is your life a Tragedy or a Comedy ?

That boy touched, People involved hurt.

Pure mental destruction, Contactless death, Monsterpoint.

The Pretador ;

el niño sabe


garçon interstellaire

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