Special Cat

Ant in disguise.

Sneeze your lungs.

That’s a sad face crying,

Perhaps it’s not,

Betraying smile,

Focusing time,

Put your senses to your paces.

Is that a Uzi from Heaven ?

A car exploded mid-air when unawake

This is a bent carrot,

Which soil did it grow into ?

Mjölnirs, ATTACK !

Je m’échappe car il est triste

Imagine being a bee hummingbird,

To deploy your wings from Hell.


Heavy steps to the unknown.

Deeply lost focus,

For we learn lessons,

Time has come.

Swallows in the sky.

Feet on the stars

Eyes on the ground

Supersonic bird

Why would they be humanoid,

Why would they be visible ?

The Pigeon laid eggs,

Now protects them.

Perhaps he didn’t sneeze,


Strings entering the nose,

Perforing the skull.

What is hell on earth

Metal men haunts the parks.

“Alright plans are laid, we can begin to execute. – Is everyone here ? – Of course.”

Meine Erinnerung’n sind bloß ein Haufen Scherben

Best laid planー

Let’s find reasons to complain

dreaded past.


garçon interstellaire

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