The secret town.

StringedEye woke up.

Time stopped passing.


The wave, comin’


Pointing upward.

Sometimes it’s hidden.

Minute après minute, la vitesse augmente

Peu à peu jusqu’à franchir les portes de la galaxie

Sea Horse.

However what happens if you’re stuck.

To rush unprepared leads to self-destruction.

Rythms are there for a reason

You can break the codes,

From specific mindset,

To any version you wish.

Upgrade or No upgrade, here’s the question

Le temps videndra où je serai fluide

Birds everywhere, follow me everywhwere,

What for, whatever stay silent, they’re not deaf.

Increase intensity.

I stole an imaginary store,

And got caught.

Fake boards are useless,

Provide nothing.

Il n’y a qu’une solution, improviser,

Ou bien tout simplement émerger.

They blink at night.



garçon interstellaire

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