Wrong pattern,

fuzzy thoughts.

As a prayer this robot holds a flame of hope.

The black & white bird on a branch,

Straight to the horizon.


The road of infinity,

Does it lead to eternity ?

A falcon under attack of the man.

Where are your wings,

New born wish him good luck.

Helicopter hovering the city,

For days and days.

Catapulté sur des monstres, deviens le monstre.

“Now we need to get the signal, how much time you think ? – A couple of days if I work well. – I thought you were the best. – It usually takes a week for anybody.”

Pendu par les pieds, ton cerveau explosa.

Only the beak.

An eye targetting the sky,

Même les cerfs regardent le ciel.

Undercover frog.

Il faut jouer avec le feu avant qu’il n’ai plus qu’à descendre

Flying insects roaming.

J’ai dans les yeux l’absolu

Is this a rat in the end ?

Rats Will Survive

La communication règne au pays des merveilles

Mutant bats.


garçon interstellaire

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