BirdMan still has a neutral face,

Closely watching MustacheMan.

There is a fox in Heaven,

Roaming by Curiosity,

High for Eternity.

And his long and massive tails.

Mechanic hands casting thunder,

Bad habits taking their place,



A scared android,

A sacred android.

Sticky J.

Dans la mire ton sourire s’efface,

Heureusement ce n’est qu’un oiseau.

Metamorph ascending.

Is the fox following a path ?

Superman here to rectify,

But why a burning head..

So much confusion.

Muscles torturing me.


Heading at superspeed,

Arm facing ahead,

A teddybear in the other hand.

Is it a praying closed eye,

Or a sorrowful closed eye.

Sprawling lizard.

Distressed for a box,

Mystery boxes.

Behind Superman, a monster.

In the wind and in the rain,

Beating our own fate,

Self-made destiny.


garçon interstellaire

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