With its kind and fearless face, behind was a deeply lost and frightened kid.

For only defense his dragon,

For only reality, his imaginary world.

Restrained for years.

Mental barriers are the toughest jails on Earth, made of nothing, and by yourself. Most often condemn you.

One head, multiple thread.

The world refuse to shine

The Phœnix rises,

But looks like Dark Shadow,

Blinded by brightness.. for your eyes may heal

Greatness can come from men, solely when desired.

Somebody’s bleeding, fill out the page.

What about a black page.

There are places where they keep men locked indoors and in their mind

And to stand for all lives begins with your meals.

The Man in the Hood, his name ain’t Robin, he exudes evil,

For why are there so many stars around him.

Classy Vampire, black jacket and curly hair.

Mountains will be filmed,

The sea recorded.

Great Great Summer

Open these coffees.

Pissed off at the ground, may this bird look up the sky.

To ride the BatMobile, tanky Bugatti.

1.7 5×0

birds flying in hell.


garçon interstellaire

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