One Way

Run as you can.

Titans are back in my mind.

The snake is dead.

Once upon a time, a big big lie.

Seule dans les rues

Un jour ça me tuera.

The Clock is set.

The Wheel operational.

A duck as an angel.


Crisis of everything, but get a job.

I’d better have stayed in the stars,

Henceforth there’s no way back,

One way ticket you know the deal

Vers l’au-delà

A crow and three thousands birds.

We all have a chance to win, but a billion chance to lose.

However you may have used fifty or seven hundred black coins..

The golden renews, every single day.

How not to procrastinate when everything is fine ?

How not to procrastinate with enough content to fill ten lives..

Golden Wings, for they’ll be available, but not through money though.

Go get it

The Cat sneeze.

Bounce back.

It’s about time. Enjoy Now.

For wasted time is gone,

Bad actions were already done.

Give up the past.

Angry man. But why do you stab.

AngryMan but why do you kill ?

The nouns are not not great.

The trigger without the barrel,

Pull it.

Fino a quando durerà


garçon interstellaire

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