Black Rainbow

It’s finally gone,

Is it temporary,

for there is one book to have today

To become the book.

Volcanos in eruption.

The rainbow is fading.

“having the keys doesn’t lead anywhere”

Yes I’m fine, I’m always fine.

District 9. How is it even possible..

T graved on the cheek

Crow watches.

Take a boat and navigate,

Far away.

Things tend to appear as I feel, the ink.

Are we not shadows afraid to leave the wall ?

This guy and this girl, the opposites..

Gone forever.


I made this day. I lost this state.

Life is a matter of state most often.

8488844812 Unbreakable.

Some men eat the pie, some are hungry.

Some men cook another pie.

Some men learn to bear starving.

Some men change their diet.

Stairs of heaven stop at some time,

You become the builder, for no one is building otherwise.

It’s not volcanos, rather, WolfTeeth, shrinking.

To rest on the stairs would be too easy.

So you never stop building.

Going away leads nowhere.

Just step up.

For is it horizontal or vertical,

I have my opinion.

We know what happens if you’re eaten.

There is no real end.


Again. One more time. The past is dead.

The Past, Is Dead.


garçon interstellaire

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