Dying Star

It eats you up, It kills us all.

Je suis à bout, vais-je m’arrêter,

Pourtant il en existe encore

Question de temps..

Because we all scream when they grab us,

And we all bleed when they munch us.

Allons-y jusqu’à l’éternité.

What if the Pit had an escape, a secret exit,

Climbing down the Ladder.

Will you slip after it,

What do you do, once outside, for the first time.

Trinity is most often a ghost, no kind text to raise your awareness.

Find it yourself, Maybe it’s not true.


Without a Rabbit we’re doomed.

Blind it doesn’t work.


And what if the “déjà-vu” was a lie.

You may truly revive past experience, however you have a choice, to change or leave it the same. What’s hard is you never remember where did this choice led to..

Perhaps our only goal is to change the past. For we could change the world.

Please tell me what happens after the luck is gone..

It shaped my entire life since I stopped being a jinx.

For I’m the last, resulting in lost habits.

Why perfection so strongly desired.

Mysteries yet to unravel..


garçon interstellaire

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