Balloon boy flies away,

Filled with helium,

Everything is perfect now,

That my words have no impact anymore.

Stars in the head,

Come on bring me back.

There’s a story with them birds,

/sometimes I must reboot.


Like arrows in the sky,

They show direction.

One is outside, only the beak there is.

Downside Up

for I recognize yet no word speak

The daily check reveals the shift..

La gueule du Loup se referme

Seulement le matériel est à disposition.

D’où vient la faille ?

Que manque-t-il, rien, du temps seulement.

Could there be an unfair world where not everyone has 24 hours.

48 hours day of work.

They could become late in time as years passes..

No one is short in time, we’re just short of control.

This tiny boy is a hidden bird.

Le Procès sera écrit, j’en garderai plusieurs copies.

Tous plus sanglants les uns que les autres ;

Certains humains n’ont rien compris.

Is the fox sad ?

Nova strikes

Et maintenant le jour se lève.


garçon interstellaire

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