With precision, the Giant Man builds with his hands.

While the ship set sail.

People manoeuver the spider, it’s somehow linked to the Giant Man’s mouth.

Fifth finger mastery over the course of destiny.

Finally some good music,

The sun has risen.

Time is late.

Rise in waves.

Les oiseaux tombent du ciel,

Les démons sortent du sol.

Planes around the world,

Road trip in your mind.


A strange specie, external world, watches with one eye.

The fox fall, with it’s nine tails, forever.

To rise with broken wings and gravity.

A key in the neck,

Chip in the ear,

Chip in the finger.

Ghosts and ghosts and ghosts.

The eye that sees.

Un jour ils nous mangeront.

Ces hommes qui du haut des tours,

Regardent en bas.

Follow the Line, always the Line.


garçon interstellaire

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