Give me an answer.

Dying of hyperthermia,

They’ll come back to your death.

Fluffy ball, long beak,

Eggs have hatched.

Mka you’re gone,

Like all the others..

Why did I have hope this time ?

Goodbye, and don’t come back

Please Come Back




To be consciously doomed brings a strange feeling.

Despaired faces,

Closed bleeding eyes.

Cats live simply,

Too very simply.

This flame within my eyes is lower.

Perhaps extinct.

Wings of Freedom,

Motors in the Sky.

“- Hey, come on, he’s already dead.

-I don’t want to ! – We’ll end up just like him”

Tadeh Disnie Sprosergin

Can we really land on our feet from such a height.

Him showing the way, others following,

Him stopping, others trying to push him.

From another dimension.

Mourning every morning, I’ve stopped counting.

I already started sweating.

Choose hyperthermia or hyperydration..


garçon interstellaire

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