You’ll see me eating apples

It’s always a big joke.

How many centipedes are in me ?

Je ne te parlais plus et maintenant c’est trop tard.

Dark Today.

The Mask play, so many faces.

Dans la cime des arbres se trouve un traître.


I’m sorry.


Now I can write, always when it’s falling apart.

Quelles armes sinon le masque..

This heat..

Frog of the Universe,

Hell is a Lie, Heaven exists.

Lucky will Strike.

For I ceased to pray, here is the result.

And I know the result.

A great smile.

We were close.

Time’s now slower.

Who’s this bitch killing everyone.

C’est trop beau pour être faux.

His nose bleeds.

Take your pulse.




garçon interstellaire

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