I hope this book will help me,

Dream Days fade away,

Stupid brain.

But I know it’s real, though nothing has ever been so unreal

they were real.

De pique et de cœur,

De trèfle et de carreau,

La vie n’est faite que de cela,

Un gigantesque tableau prend forme.

It’s you, just you, and only you.


Un oiseau reconstitué fait son chemin,

De métal et de pensée, rien ne pourras plus l’arrêter.

Il survolera continents et océans,

D’où vient-il…

Jamais je n’ai vu de telle espèce.


Back to back,

Some people, you know, don’t like books to tell them how they should live their life. Personally I chose to make the best out of mine.

A princess playing hard to get,

A prince willing to give up everything for him.


Thunder struck,

Rain poured,

Life changed,

And it’s better now.


My heart healed, and you’re responsible. little demon.

Another piece of metal willing to be shipped.



garçon interstellaire

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