Thank you.

Complete show, An entire movie set up

I saw an angel on a balcony..

But it was too unreal to be true,

For angels are unique and rare.

this Monster Is Kinda Adorable.

La magie se révèle à nouveau.

Two world inextricably intertwined.

Or would something deep within us lead us to the same path, like an invisible hand ?

Abîmons nos machines à penser.

Hold the leash, that dragon rides fast.

Conquérir les anges et les oiseaux..

Pleine mire, faster than a bullet.

Les dents ont repoussées, les ronces moins agressives.

So many crazy faces, such that I am unable to describe,

In an abandoned town far in the future,

Where the world’s in agony,

That merchant is the best survivor.

Allié de l’humanité.

Fear makes wonder, Faith brings harmony.

Cotte épineuse greffée, à blesser tous les êtres animées.

Reversing the Fate.

I may not want what I want.

But I know how to do what I want.

Crop your future. To use your mind like your hand, almost. To use my mind like I move my entity arrives.

Contemplate human’s nature, for nothing’s more beautiful outside the woods.

I might finally know how I want to die.


I’m still able to feel.. Thank you.

I’ll never become numb.


garçon interstellaire

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