Spider amputated ?

Some other boy took over,

This one has no breach,

Why are birds everywhere.


Je n’ai pas choisi de danser avec lui,

Guardian Angel makes miracles.

There’s a worm in his eye.

Decypher, but it’s plain words,

simple latin alphabet.


Every bird collided,

Cobweb in the corner,


Fox left the box.

Just a kid playing in snow, big steps, jumping joined feet.

Dragons, hard to find, no one see them, don’t look for ’em, just be aware.

Missing the head,

Dunk the moon,

If you’re gonna run away, you gotta find another way to begin

Missing link,

Walking to the side of a dog-caps-,

Find your Trinity,

Je t’ ai tout dis, je t’ai tout dis

Une vraie signature s’effectue avec n’importe quelle plume

Je n’sais même plus si je pense

Blast, Montgolfier.

Learn how to use it,

when Irrationality takes over Reality.


garçon interstellaire

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