Sarbacane au poing.

Ancient symbol,

Still looks,

Like a,

Fuckin’ bird.

I’m the only one who can kill you and set you free

Blowgun, to the floor,

Shotgun, stops the fun.

Bright sun,

High speed,

Tight curve,

Skinless palm.

thumbs help.

Daisies and thick stalk.

Baby Duck.

He’s always there with just one step,

Snowboy hides,

Stupid kid takes over.

Red & Blue can.

Can you drown, will you swim ?

Is faith a daily job.

Can we break ourselves this many times.

Stop shifting,

Everythim, fucks everything,

Six months, Six years.

Did I predict it /

To live with pain, until your mind takes control, reaching this very eternity, is not that hard. or is it.

Been breaking every bone,

trying to fit into this space,

This box is not a home.

I’ve been around and noticed

./boot awful_operating_system

Now I see

Only will matters

Staying in between,

Just Follow It, Everything’s Planned.

Sharks don’t easily reveal themselves.


garçon interstellaire

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