N’attends pas la fin du monde

Tout est sombre, puis la nuit meurt

Planets orbiting,

Humans watching.

Great talkers ain’t on MainStream,

Unsaturated bandwith.

Hands in the back,

Hood’s on the head,

Observe the city,

From far away.

-Au fond je ne sais plus.


Whose life is it looking with such fearful eyes..

Oh it’s a spaceship, dots everywhere.

Il faut être incandescent

Cute cat looks at the window.

Wanna play outside ?

What really matters is how you react.

To live now greatly helps.

A man, focused,

On that chickadee

Trying to sing,

Strange Shuffle Mode

Refermer la porte et les yeux,

Sur les maudits devenus cendres.

There’s a hidden fight in the backyard,

Samouraï against a *>,

EvilMen shows but his nose.

They smell but remain blind.

All I have is to find the lock

Now listen to me all of you !

Back to work.


garçon interstellaire

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