8 hours is way enough.

Show them fibers.

9 is already great but still too late..

NoFace, and his hands,

Calmly explains,

It all to you.

In the dark we’ll run,

In plain day we’ll escape,

Question everything.

Phase A: the bird’s aware

Phase B: the bird’s diving straight down.

Criticizing your own future self.

Could it be a knife on duck’s neck.

And I try, to understand the situation

I’m sick of the judging, it’s nothing but hate in disguise

Face à la facade, je joue dans une grande mascarade.

Let’s have a toast to those who ain’t made it.

I’m gone, Netflix and chill, nah man

the ink ——

the eye ——

Dévoiler, ne serait-ce qu’une partie de moi ?

Voleront les geais,

Mangeront les proies.

L’encre bleue n’a de valeur que pour l’autorité.

– SSM –

Avant qu’il n’ait plus qu’à descendre

You should think twice.


garçon interstellaire

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