The Man standing still in the night,

World of shadows,

Suddenly your vision gets better,

Details appear.

Mario get gold, Scarcity’s real.

Disappears before you take it.

Saved a monster,

This ChildEater was drowning,

Not a move,

Then I sat turning my back to it,

Was it ever dead I never knew.

Who were you who drove me.

The mockingbird sign,

Dye words.

Co-events, such a mystery..

For not Expected.

Against the Clock,

Racing time,

Rushing habits,

No windshield exploded,

Mission accomplished.

But why did I see you ?

Tell me now, why is everything so perfect ?

Am I that strange..

L’argent n’a de valeur que ce que l’on en fait.


garçon interstellaire

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