Lost in the hole,

Deep in the void,

Dog flying on a dragon’s back.

Away from the labyrinth,

Devenir son propre couteau suisse

These bug trackers flying around,

Soon under your skin.

Where does it lead when the paper creaks.

An angel has a machine gun.

Who am I becoming

These babies smoke,

What is a world without hate

What is a world without fate

You’re troubled, I see it in your eyes

RapidFire would be useful.

Neutral frog, full of thoughts,

Closed mouth, full of words.

Seventy Five

Tiny parrot in position.

Astral Portal

How many windows are there in this world ?

That key is precious

L’un part là, l’autre se tue.

They really are everywhere,

For who knows how to fly,

Doesn’t have a net,

Doesn’t need a chain.

Again.., how long will you haunt me, just leave me, go play elsewhere.


garçon interstellaire

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