Giant Robot

The Tower rising above the clouds,

Thick fog gravitates.

Double faced, light and darkness,

Reaching an extreme,

Cut from fuel, pushing a car bare hands,

Make the connection.

King Falcon, with it’s heavy crown,

Is it true that some aren’t real..

Little Red Riding Hood is the murderer.


Nous pensons beaucoup trop, et ne ressentons pas assez.

Hydraulic ram,

You can’t open, that door, sacred door, burnt,

From a bleeding heart,

Perhaps no more blood is pumping,

Perhaps the wound got infected,

Doomed for Ethernity.

On the T two silhouettes,

Upside down, crying robot.

Are the fake ones mechanical ?

Buried, could you float ?

Un barreau n’est infini,

Fat Pigeon

Calm brain and peace of mind

Un libro di verità non esiste.

Bring me back, I lost it, I can’t know where,

The Red Pen should be dedicated.

“How long until it starts ? – We don’t know”

Something is wrong,

Feelings based on facts,

Or facts on feelings.

Finally, professionals at hide n’ seek.

Who are you Giant Robot.

Give me this eare flower.

That shadow is a man,

Stealth in corners,

Because everything is now.

Behind the crown,

A kid, falling ill from his demons, flames rising above him.




Beliefs that sinks you,

Beliefs thats raise you.

You’re wearing a virtual reality mask.

Stupéfait de la beauté, ne jamais oublier, la beauté des choses.

L’envie a empoisonné l’esprit des hommes

Ou bien l’esprit a empoisonné l’envie des hommes..

Un homme immortel un jour, la liberté ne règnera plus.

Les discours ou les actes.

They lost all the packages..

Les illusions d’un temps passé.


garçon interstellaire

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