Wear Pink

feel the same, always the same.

To bind your soul, isn’t an easy task.

The Pit, put some more bricks,

To escape one day,

Bruce Wayn succeeded,

No safety rope,

Only your mind.

What a strange money.

Et si les étoiles filantes se perdaient..

Never trigger the catapult.

The goal after,

Is to find all your bricks,

With no map,

Nothing to help.

Doomed For Eternity.

It won’t be having a few bricks that’ll help you,

It’s the wisdom of how to find them.

Si tu meurs trop tôt, tu es condamné pour de vrai.

Accumuler non pas les objets, mais les leçons.

The importance of wisdom.

And now I cry,

Who are you ? Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Antartica, Europe ?


I want one of each.

To attract is to have power.

We’re all trapped in a mouse wheel.

To run faster only produces more electricity.


Take your tim, hwo to get outx Jumpgin woud’be too easy.

The Guts,

Draw Better,

Waste More Paper,



How to waste paper ?

Dark Skies,

All the heads, to the same,

To be marked isn’t the problem.

You leave me with the same question


You leave me no choice I have to,

kill em all, kill em all,

kill em all, kill em all

To not choose is.

How to educate the masses.

The Urge to help.

How is it possible.

When everyone walks away..

Twice the LENGTH,

Half the TIME.


You in India,

Who are you ?


garçon interstellaire

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